Pest Control in Rockford, IL

 Facts and Helpful Hints:

  • Preventing insects and other pests from entering your home or professional establishment in the first place is always your best bet.  You can prevent a lot of insects from coming into your home by treating around the outside of your home's foundation.  If you do it early enough and aggressively enough, pest control products are very effective in preventing problems.  Fall pest control prevention is helpful against bugs that live in your home all winter without you even knowing they are there until they begin moving in the spring (Box Elder bugs are one type that hibernates inside all winter, but you won't know they are there until they begin to leave in the spring).

  • Most spiders are harmless, but Illinois has one venomous species - the Brown Recluse, which can be identified by a violin shape on it's body.  This species can pose serious health concern.

  • In Illinois, there are 129 species of ants, and each species has different behaviors.  Some over-the-counter pest control treatments can cause their colonies to break up and cause them to spread instead of killing them off.

  • Once you have cockroaches, they can be out of control very quickly.  A female cockroach can mate once and remain pregnant her whole life. Each female can produce as many as 30-50 babies at each birthing. Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and then walk around your home depositing bacteria and germs everywhere they go, contaminating food by shedding their skins.  Their cast off skins and waste by products are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions, asthma, and other allergic reactions especially in children.

  • While rodents are more of a fall problem, since they are trying to get inside for shelter from the cold, they can be a year round problem.  If you suspect that you have mice in your home, check for droppings or urine spots.  You may hear them moving inside your walls or in the ceiling.  In the cabinets and storage areas, you may notice boxes of dry foods that have been gnawed or paper that has been shredded for nests.

  • Moles, raccoons and possums may affect your outdoor spaces and your yard.  They fall into the category of wildlife and require the services of professionals that are specifically licensed for their removal by the State of Illinois.  While I do not handle these animals, I can offer a reputable referral for handling the problem.

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